4ft Conveyor Kebab Grill / On Stand



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4ft Conveyor Kebab Grill / On Stand

Cooks Seekh Kebabs, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Chops, Chicken Wings, Chicken Legs etc.

Automatically Turns Kebabs For Even Cooking

Varible Speed Control

Fully Stainless Steel Construction

Flame Failure System

Variable Heat control

Easy cleaning

Cooks Sheesh Kebabs, Kofta kebabs, Shish, Koobideh, Seekh Kebabs, Tikkas, Lamb Chops.

Our Conveyor Grill is a very efficient way of producing any type of kebab on skewers with minimum effort and looking after.

After loading your kebabs on skewers at one end of the grill, you can then forget about them or go and do something else in the meantime while your kebab rotates and moves along the grill to the other side where the skewer now unloads onto the landing bay fully cooked ready to be collected by you.

This is a very efficient way to work, as you don’t need to stand over the grill having to turn the skewer to cook the kebab, the grill does this for you automatically.

When you have set the speed of your conveyor and the burners to the heat required by you, all your kebabs will cook consistently to the same uniform standard you want.

This conveyor grill can be made to any bespoke size you require but there are some minimum size restrictions. (Please contact our sales team for further information)

Skewers for this machine are made for it specially and you are provided with 20 initially with this grill.

If and when you require more then they have to be ordered separately according to your requirement.

If you need any further information about this product, please get in touch with our friendly, helpful team who will be happy to assist you.


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4ft Conveyor Kebab Grill / On Stand

4ft Conveyor Kebab Grill / On Stand

Made in UK

Delivery to your door £100

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